TOP 5 Xbox One sports games of 2017 you surely need to play

# 1. Madden NFL 18

The first one in the list of best Xbox One sports games of 2017 is Madden NFL 18. After nearly 30 years, the Madden NFL series can hardly surprise with new options. Fans think they know what to expect every year: a few small but useful mechanical settings, registry updates, and small graphical bumps. Madden NFL 18, however, is highlighted by one of the most significant additions in the history of the series – full-scale mode – and a new, much more graphically capable engine.

# 2 Pro Evolution SoccerPro Evolution Soccer

The gameplay of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 offers an exceptional and authentic experience. This is not a massive step forward, but the new additions and gameplay this year did a good job of improving what made last year’s game so good. Unfortunately, all the good work on the field is brought about by tired and outdated looking menus, game modes that desperately need some novelties. This is a solid jump-on point if you are new to the series, but experienced veterans can also find few improvements to justify the price.

# 3 NBA 2K18NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 is one more step forward on the court, improving already an excellent gameplay of the series. You are rewarded for smart ball control, when playing dribbling, driving and playing defense, which makes sense to the players you keep under control. Inside modes, the results are mixed: a new fusion of the elements of the Career mode in The Neighborhood gives you a new life, but the same time this cannot be said about meaninglessness of the gameplay. However, it is much better than bad, and NBA 2K18 deserves some credits for taking new chances.

# 4 UFC 3

EA Sports UFC 3 is a solid, accessible, live and rich in content. Visual effects and sound have been improved to deliver a true understanding of the sports, but the formula is far from perfect. With that being said, despite its shortcomings, it is just as good as for MMA fans, and a step in the right direction for the series.

# 5 NHL 18

The last but not the least game in the top 5 of best Xbox One sports games of 2017 is NHL 18 that will definitely satisfy the hockey fans. Its main thing is in its design, which is easily taught and will help a player, who knows nothing about hockey. They probably will stick around, because it turns out, hockey is an explosion in the form of a video game. EA provided a more profitable franchise mode, added new ways of playing, although at least supported itself in other modes.


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