PS4 sports games 2017 – the 5 top.


We begin our review of ps4 sports games 2017 with football. FIFA 18 is already the 25th release from the FIFA series of games. In the new edition, EA Sports improved the positioning of players. Artificial intelligence became even more sophisticated, and from now each team is free to implement its unique tactics. The personality of the player in FIFA 18 is created depending on a full set of characteristics including style of play, tamper, endurance and so on. In addition, this version of the simulator is even more realistic and full of true details.

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MLB The Show 17

Gameplay of MLB The Show 17 is built in the same way as in the real baseball game. Depending on the side (guests or hosts), you start the game from the position of the attacker or the defender. Before you throw the ball, you see the weak and strong sides of the batter. You have to aim and choose the type of throw. In this game, you also have to create your player and lead the athlete through the thorny path of a professional baseball player.

PES 2018

The eighteenth series of the famous simulator has a number of interesting improvements in comparison with previous versions. Among them – new menus and more realistic images of players. As well as a network joint game – now you can play two by two, or three by three. New lighting, improved models of players with believable facial expressions and body movements are used in this game.

Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 is an unusual simulator of American football, because it has a storyline, which is completely uncharacteristic for games of this genre. According to the plot of the game, young talented footballer Devin Wade left the University of Texas in Austin after the takeoff career of the quarterback and abandoned his favorite sport. But the dream of participating in the NFL has not disappeared anywhere, and Devin is trying to implement it with all his might.

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Ashes Cricket

Among ps4 sports games 2017 this one is unique, because it is devoted to the game which is not popular outside the US. Thanks to the unique technology, it represents realistic clones of players of all Australian and English male and female teams. All the movements of star cricket players have been copied in detail, but you can choose your own kick and ball feed to create an individual style of play.


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