Review on Steep: Road to the Olympics

Road to the Olympics is the expansion for original game Steep. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox O and PC. This version appeared one year after the release of the Steep and couple of months before the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in South Korea.

Its title speaks for itself. The action takes place on steep slopes, it is all about Olympic Winter Games and it even has a narrative base: you are not just skiing – you make your way to the victory. Actually, it is a good chance for everybody to feel like a real Olympic champion.

Road to the Olympics

First, creators of this game managed to convey the atmosphere of Olympic competitions with its ultimate excitement, battle for fractions of a second, ardor, frustrations and breathtaking triumphs. You almost feel airflow and snowflakes biting your face. You hear roar of the fans and emotional exclamations of sports commentator. The entourage is reconstructed in such a perfect way that you forget where you are and what the current time of the year is.

Your sensations are intensified by unbelievably realistic graphics and those specific details like imitation of gestures and behavior of real sportsmen, unevenness of the path, play of light and shade. In this regard, the game is even better than the original one, taking into account that the original one was quite exciting and captivating. It is a great chance to practice skiing and snowboarding in unique atmosphere of international contest.

All ski techniques are at you disposal, and new location – along with Alps you are able to enjoy picturesque Japanese mountains. Compared to the original Steep, the game is more realistic, catching and versatile.

Just before the release of new expansion, the developers prepared a big patch that significantly upgrades and improves the original game. New sports, which earlier were available only as a part of DLC, now can be bought for in-game currency.

One of the important features is a new “career” mode which allows you to progress on your way to Olympus. It makes the game more structured. Breathtaking rides are not an end in itself. You have a big aim – to become a champion. And you can experience all difficulties and delight on this glorious way.

game Olympus

Summarizing everything that has been said, Steep: Road to the Olympics is by far the best game which simulates participation in winter sports competitions.


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