Best offline strategy games for android

#5. European War 4: Napoleon

The game is a fairly simple hexagon-based game in the style of cities on the continents. Most maps are maps of Europe (but there are some in America and Mediterranean Africa), divided into hexes, where there can be units. In hexes, there is a landscape that affects the movement of units, and sometimes also to “cities”, which allow building new military units, and which can be captured (that is usually the goal in the scenario). The seizure of land and cities gives you an opportunity to produce more than three resources of the game: food, money and machine parts. Farmland gives you food, and I have no idea where others come from (I think it has something to do with cities). These can be used to purchase new units, upgrade cities or create fortifications on regular land.European War 4


#4. MechCom 2

Gameplay in MechCom 2 is a simplified RTS, but not in a negative way. The gameplay is simple because it should be. Mind that your enemy is always looking for a chance to destroy you, that is why it is so important to create buildings, infrastructure, and war units right in front of your enemy base. This might help to fight back more effectively. Which checkpoints will you take first?

#3. The Battle of Polytopia

Everyone who played Civilizations will feel like home with the Battle of Polytopia. Improve the lands surrounding your cities, grow them, expand your territory and, in the end, defeat competing empires! Choose which country you will command; each of them has its own initial ability of one selected, pre-explored technology and its own look – not only their buildings and parts look distinct, but their land also!

#2. Plants vs. ZombiesPlants vs. Zombies


It is like a hybrid of a tower defense genre. At each level, the playground is a lawn, divided into several lines, that looks more like a pool. Zombies come up using these lines and if they reach your home base, the game is over. All you have to fight them off are plants. Some simply explode at the undead, while others collect sunlight to produce coins or act as mines or walls to slow incoming waves.

#1. Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 facilitates you in things, slowly introducing new vehicles and tactics. Anyway, this process can be too slow, but this is the best time. You can control both the composition of your convoy and its route to each level. Bounties are provided at all levels, which can be used to add new modules or update existing ones.


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