Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia release date postponed! Two more weeks wait before ‘writing’ your own history of Britain

So, the release of the game Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is postponed for two weeks. Originally, the developers planned to release it on April 19. However, it was decided to refine some aspects of this turn-based military strategy. The new release date is May 3.

Indeed, it is better to refine the game at an easy pace than hurry to release it with defects in it. At the moment, the creators of the game are engaged in the final tuning of certain game functions, especially those associated with artificial intelligence. Its work will be more balanced and realistic. In particular, the developers adjust the aggressiveness parameters taking into account the difficulty levels in battles, and also depending on the quantity and quality of the troops.

Total War Saga

Warlords will also change during the game. In particular, this will affect their appearance.

Much attention is paid to the actions of artificial intelligence on the flanks, as well as how it targets opponents. Also, animation and all sorts of important trifles will be perfected, such as: damage effects, collision radius, realistic movements of warriors and others.

In general, the most improvements are made in the field of battles. All of them are aimed at making the battles more coordinated, realistic and fascinating. Among other things, the user interface will be improved. In the menu, you can choose in what state the warrior will be by default.

As you probably know, Thrones of Britannia is the first part of the Total War Saga. Events unfold in the time of the Vikings, in the period when modern Britain was being formed. In fact, the players are directly involved in this process. It depends on them, who will govern the country.

 Total War Saga creen

Thus, the events occurring in the game do not coincide with the real historical events. In fact, the player has the opportunity to redraw the story in his own way. For the same reason, there are no historical battles in the game, because every battle here can become a historical one.

A player can control one of several opposing armies. It is worth noting that the territory, on which the game will be played is huge. At the same time, the event map is well detailed. It has many famous attractions, such as the famous Stonehenge. Wait a bit and you will be able to reshape the history of Britain.


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