Walkthrough of Morrowind: Thieves Guild

While all the Morrowind walkthrough remember the assignments of the military guild has nothing in common with the missions of the thieves’ community. Soon enough their activities become hostile to each other. Therefore, to make a career in both guilds does not make sense at once. Many tasks in Morrowind walkthrough will be inaccessible, since you have already entered the conflict on the opposite side.

Habasi. Task 1: Diamond 

Sugar-lips Habasi asked me to bring her a diamond. She thinks that Nalcaria from Belaya Gavan in Balmora has diamonds, but any other diamond will also fit.

Task 2: The Key

Sugar-lips Habasi asked me to bring her the key from the top floor of the Nerano Manor, here in Balmora. Of course, Onres Nerano has the key, but it will be easier to take the key from one of his servants, for example, Sovor Trandel, who can be found at the Council Club in Balmora.

You should go to the estate itself since it is not locked. Go there and see a man in the middle of the room, climb to the top and look around, there is no key. Tiptoe to the bottom of the dunmer from behind, and stole the key from his pocket, strangely enough, he will not pay any attention to you. Leave the estate and go to the sugar-lips Habasi.


And if you do not mind the money, go to the Club of the Council, find there Sovor Trandel, talk to him about the key, and he will help you only for money.

Task 3: Dwarven artifacts

The sugar-lips Habasi says that Ra’Zhid from Fatleg’s Drop Off in Hla Oad has promised to deliver some Dwemer artifacts to the Thieves Guild. Habasi asks to bring her a Dwemer pipe, the Dwemer’s Cup and the Dwemer’s bowl. Approach Ra’Zhid and begin to insult him, it is easy, shortly after this verbal action, he says goodbye to you and immediately attacks. Do not hesitate and punch him. From his dead body, take the key, and rush to the chest behind the barrels, there you will find what you are looking for.


Task 4: Brandy

Sugar-lips says that Ralen Hlaalo is dead, but he has had an aged brandy. His house is opposite the Manor of Nerano, but it is locked. Go upstairs away from other people’s eyes, and open the door, when you enter you will see a smashed room. Look on the shelf and take the drink.

Task 5: Shoes

Sugar-lips Habasi told me that New-Shoes Bragor was caught by guards in Pelagiad and kept in Fort Pelagiad. Habasi has heard that Mebestian Ence was engaged in smuggling Dwemer materials, and Shadbak gra-Burbug, a guard at Fort Pelagiad, for taking bribes looks at it through his fingers. You need to steal the Dwemer artifact from Mebestian Ence, show him Shadbak gra-Burbug – guard, and demand the release of New-Shoes Bragor. The only thing you need to know is that the artifact is on the second floor, on the shelf, wait for the guard to go down to the first floor, the rest on your conscience.

Task 6: Guild Security

Sugar-lips Habasi has a job for me, which is somehow connected with the South Wall and the master of security. Find in Balmora House Heserinda, talk to him and he will help with the Thieves’ Guild in Balmora.


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