Best games based on movies: imagine yourself a character of a favorite movie

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Do you like Star Wars? No? Today it does not matter at all whether you like fantasy or not, prefer RPGs or action games… Good games are appreciated by everyone, and Knights of the Old Republic is not just a good game based on movies. This is a real Game. A game that will be discussed for a long time and passed two, three, four and ten times. A game that is just doomed to continue.

Knights of the Old Republic is a game based on movies and takes us back to those times when the sinister Sith openly opposed the peace-loving Republic. In the airless space of Outer Rim, cruel cosmic massacres occurred every now and then, and the Jedi (many thousands at that time) used light swords every day.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The central characters of the new story are Raven and Malak. Once they were wise and talented commanders of the Republic fleet, and in one of the battles they almost crushed the starry armada of the Sith. However, pursuing the remains of the enemy fleet, their flagship disappeared without a trace… A few years later, they unexpectedly returned with a huge fleet of unknown ships. One became a teacher, the other became a student. Both are adherents of the dark side.

And this is just a beginning. For fifty hours you will unfold an epic story of good and evil, love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, the struggle between the dark and light side of the Force.

Alien Isolation

‘Survive’ is the word ​​that accurately reflects the player’s actions throughout the entire passage. You cannot kill the Alien, or run away, if it finds you, is almost impossible. The only way to survive is to play hide and seek with this cunning creature.

Cabinets and bedside tables are now your best friends, and the sight of the savepoint, stylized as a telephone booth, gives you a slight relief.

The Thing

The Thing does not lose momentum even at the last levels. On the contrary, the closer to the end, the more intense and dramatic the action looks. Even if you find yourself in a room where, by definition, nothing terrible can happen, suddenly… a computer explodes. Or the laboratory flask explodes. At the most intense moment somewhere from above, someone’s half-eaten body falls down on your head.

The Thing

Many hundreds of small operator moves set the tone, form a unique atmosphere. Even such a routine action, like repairing a failed electrical board, turns into a small performance. Blake removes weapons, gets attached to the sparkling wiring, the camera dramatically changes its position and close-up shows a stern soldier’s face, and at the same time that part of the room that remained behind the severe soldier’s back.


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