Silent Hill 3 walkthrough.

The plot of this game, one of the best in the genre of survival horror, is built around a girl called Heather. Silent Hill 3 walkthrough begins from the moment, when Heather finds herself in an Amusement Park designed in keeping with the best traditions of horror movies. She walks past rotten constructions, cages occupied by strange animals, meets disgusting creatures wearing dirty bunny costumes.

picture Silent Hill 3

When she turns to the right, she comes across infernal beasts resembling bandaged dogs and some other kinds of monsters. Your task is to fight them all and reach roller coaster. You should get into a roller-coaster car and wait until it push you forward. This is your way to the next level.

Heather wakes in a shopping mall. After she leaves it, she finds out that an old person follows her. The old man introduces himself as a private detective. Heather slips into the toilet where she finds a red sign drawn on the mirror. This is a savepoint. Save yourself and climb out the window. On the right, you will see a tommy gun. Go to the left and enter the door.

Silent Hill 3 picture

Walk down a hall and take a map of the shopping mall from the wall near the elevator. After that, go to the door to the right and climb up the stairs. In a hall, a new kind of monsters are waiting for you.

Kill the monsters and go along the hall to the right. In one of the rooms, you will find a dog. Kill it and take beef, later you will need it to distract other dogs. At the end of the hall, take a lightsaber and go to the central part of the shopping mall.

Run into the Helen’s Bakery confectionery store and take forceps. Then find an open room and get a key using forceps. Take medicines, cartridges, save yourself and go back to the central part of the shopping mall.

After that go to the bookstore My Bestsellers; open the door with the key and go inside. Go forward along the bookshelves. You will see the books of Shakespeare lying on the floor. Put them on the shelf. On the back covers of books, you will see a four-digit code. Go behind the counter and use the code to open the door. Come into it.

These are just the initial steps of Silent Hill 3 walkthrough that will help you succeed in this game. Be smart and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel!


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