Syberia: walkthrough of the game

The adventures begin when the main character Kate Walker comes from the United States to a grotesque French village to buy a toy factory. First of all, you should go to the hotel, where you need to take a brochure from the stand at the entrance (it will be useful for you).


After that, talk to the boy at the table and return to the desk. You will find the key, which you can use to start a figure with a hammer. Click on the red button next to it. The bell will ring and the hotel owner will appear. He will take you to your room and help with the suitcases.

In the room, a fax from the chief is already waiting for you. Call your chief. He will send the second fax with a letter to the local notary. Get down to the hall and take this fax from the hotel owner. He will tell you that the owner of the toy factory has recently passed away. Go to the table where the boy was sitting, collect the four gears and go to the street.

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Turn left and walk past the bakery to the notary’s house. At the door, you will see a robot. Press the lever on his chest and place a letter from the boss in the outstretched hand. Enter the office and tell the notary about the purpose of your visit. He will tell you that the factory is bequeathed to the brother of the deceased owner. However, the brother also died, although this is not known for certain. Take the adjustable wrench on the hanger in the waiting room and go to the street.

Turn right – to the door of the toy factory. Open it with a wrench. In the yard of the factory, there is a fountain, from which five paths diverge. You need the upper left. You will see a metal container. Press down on its lever and go back to the fountain.

game Syberia

Now go along the left lower path, enter the factory building, turn to the right, to the door leading to the control panel of the mill. Pull the chain on the right to start the mill. Now you need to go to the left, past the iron staircase.

Your relatives will always call you on your mobile phone. Try to talk to them as little as possible. Turn on the loading robot to put the container on the conveyor. Now enter the door in the background to get to the workshops. Above you will see a suspended robot. Turn the winch to lower it. He will ask you to make new legs for him.

Return to the entrance, go up the stairs and enter the owner’s room. Go to the closet with the books. Pull the second book on the right, so that the musical apparatus appears. Listen to the music and take away the music cylinder.

In Syberia walkthrough, it is important to trust your gut and not to disregard the items and tips that come in the way.


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