First gaming experience: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the perfect game for noobs in gaming

If you always wanted to become a gamer, you should start with something. The gaming industry is booming these years so choosing the right game to start can be difficult. That is why we will try to exempt you from choosing and explain why PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the perfect game for noobs.

The concept of the game is simple. The group of 100 players jumps from the plane over an island and fights to the death. The play zone shrinks during the game making the battle more intense. Only one player can win in this battle. This model was inspired by Japanese movie Battle Royale and gained a huge success.


The first advantage for newbies is the fact that you find weapons, vehicles and health packs on the map during the game. So more experienced players have no advantage in this case. You just need to be lucky when searching for loot in abandoned houses. There are many weapons to choose from depending on your game style but most players like to use ARs and sniper rifles.

Do not pick up everything or you will fill up your inventory really fast. Try to grab ammo for weapons that you use and health items. Also, search for upgraded backpacks and armor. Attachments also differ in usability. The most useful are 4x, 8x scopes and suppressors. Be aware of hiding players when entering the house. And if you are hiding in the house, listen for the steps of enemies when they enter.


Generally speaking, hiding and camping are the most common tactics in PUBG and everybody is comfortable with it. So do not consider hiding as being a coward. Especially if you are new to FPS games. It is just survival of the fittest. Before you gain some skills in shooting, try to do it on a short distance. And also do not forget to pick the loot from your dead opponents. Just be careful and do not stay in open space for too long. It is also a great idea to play the game in a squad with your friends. It is much more fun and you got more chances to survive.

Why is PUBG perfect for noobs?

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Without a doubt, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds gained a huge success. There are more than 3 million players currently playing and 30 million copies of the game sold worldwide. Of course, it still has bugs to fix and PUBG Corporation is still trying to get rid of cheaters, but this game is a hit. The ‘Battle Royale’ game system is suitable for every player regardless of experience and many things connected with your luck. If you want to become a gamer, you will not be disappointed with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as your first game.


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