Looking forward: future of mobile gaming

At first glance, it seems that the boom of gaming consoles is observed all over the world. They are becoming more and more sophisticated and take the game experience to a higher level. However, if you look at the statistics, the most popular games are those created for mobile devices, not for consoles. The fact is that everyone now has a smartphone, which performs a whole set of vital functions. Games in it is only a small part of its functionality.

The consoles are narrow-profile devices; they are designed for one single task. Therefore, in the future, not consoles will be in demand, but game ecosystems; so that the player could continue playing the game in any form convenient for him and on any platform, would it be a game console, a computer or a smartphone. Creating a new game, the developers will take this into account and make it suitable for mobile devices.

 future of mobile gaming

The growing quality of mobile games is another trend that will determine the future of mobile gaming. Previously, games for mobile phones could not boast good graphics and the depth of the story. Mostly they were unpretentious casual games in the style of Angry Birds. Now the situation has changed dramatically. Games for smartphones are not inferior to “traditional” computer games. Another conclusion follows from this. In the future, games will not only be adapted for phones, but also they will be designed for them.

Future of mobile gaming is going to be bright because the speed of information consumption is constantly growing. Only avid gamers can devote half of the night to abstruse strategies and economic simulators. Now the games, which allow you to get a full-fledged gaming experience in a short time, are in high demand.

Of course, long games will remain, but they will have to compete with shorter versions, suitable for quick playing while waiting in line or in public transport.

Another trend, common for all games, is the multiplayer mode. It is provided for almost all new games and all new versions of old releases. This trend has influenced mobile games as well: you can use a mobile device to play online with your friends.

future games

It can also be assumed that in the near future a special mobile headset for smartphones will be developed that would improve the perception of the game on the smartphone. It will compensate for a relatively small screen area, and possibly create a 3-D effect.


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