Game developer statistics.

First of all, adults also like to play. The average age of people, who are involved in video gaming, is 35 years. At the same time, the average age of those who buy games is 38 years. This difference is explained by the fact that sometimes games are bought by parents for their children.

In fact, 65% of all households in the world have a gaming device (48% households have appliances designed exclusively for gaming, for example, game consoles).

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How long have they been playing? Game developer statistics says that, on the average, gamers have been playing for 13 years. It is interesting that the average age of gamers and average number of years they have been playing remains about the same year after year. It means that the number of newcomers roughly corresponds to the number of those who stop playing each year.

What kind of games are the most popular among people worldwide? Stats says that gamers are mostly involved in social ones – 50%. Predictably, most of the gamers are men – 60%. Female players are respectively 40%. The percentage of male gamers who purchase games is also 60%.

Among other games, the most popular are those of horror genre – 47%.

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It is also worth mentioning eSports. This kind of entertainment have recently experienced a real boom. According to game developer statistics, the amount of involved gamers has sharply increased from $200 000 000 to almost $300 000 000 in recent years. This number keeps growing. At this moment, about 50% of gamers are engaged in electronic sports. The total income in this segment exploded from about $200 million to $460 million.

From all eSports games, the most popular is Dota 2. It captured 772 players. Total prize fund is as much as almost $40 billion. Counter-Strike is on the second place with $17 billion of total prize fund. The total prize fund of all eSports is almost $100 billion!

By the way, it is nice that the number of people who are involved in electronic sports is currently growing. Unlike other gamers, they are not absorbed in the virtual world. Like other successful athletes, they travel around the world to participate in competitions. They regularly go to the gym to keep fit. Electronic sports require a good reaction speed and good health.


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