Video game industry statistics of 2017, and what to expect from it in 2018.

Gaming industry has been booming in 2017 by far surpassing a $100 billion bar. Console, PC, and mobile gaming markets acquired significant growth in revenue compared to last year (around 9%). And with an average age of players got closer to 35 years old, we cannot consider it as exclusively child’s leisure. This year promises to continue 2017’s progress but it will not be revolutionary. The controversy around loot boxes will continue and new regulations are expected to be implemented. Let’s hit the high spots of video game industry statistics to know what to expect.

5 quick facts about gaming industry

  1. More than 2 billion people play computer games nowadays, with a half from Asia-Pacific region.
  2. In 2018, video games global market is expected to gain $119 billion compared to last year’s $109 billion.
  3. In respect of gender, 41% of gamers were female, whereas 59% were male in 2017.
  4. In the USA with around 50% of adults playing computer games, 65% of households have gaming devices.
  5. Mobile gaming will generate more than 35% of total revenue, with China as a market leader in 2018.


Consoles were being sold like hotcakes last year, and 2018 sales of hardware units should reach roughly 17 million. Nintendo Switch, which had an awesome year in teams of hardware and software revenue, is expected to lead in 2018 as well. It will be even better for this Japanese company if a Pokémon RPG is released.

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Even thou the big players, such as Microsoft with its Xbox One X and Sony with PlayStation 4 Pro, have their feet on the ground, they might introduce new gaming systems to stay competitive in a changing market.

Despite all console’s hype, PC gaming still involves more players and provides better specs. Therefore, AAA games like Battlefront 2 still have a crisper picture on PC than on most of the consoles. On the contrary, cryptocurrency mining affects GPU prices, which make building a gaming rig too expensive.

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How to buy games in 2018

This year will carry on the growing trend for downloading games instead of buying boxed versions. In 2017 less than a quarter of all games were sold in physical form, downgrading it from the most common to niche form, which is reasonable only for expensive limited editions. That can trigger the advent of subscription services and free-to-play games on consoles. Overall of PC gaming revenues from both boxed and downloaded games may drop due to a transition from casual games to mobile phones.


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