Latest news! Racist phrase destroyed CS: GO Commentator Sadokist

The well-known Canadian commentator Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett was at the center of a racist scandal. Well, you know, usually such conflicts flare up because one person is not particular in his speech, and others found an excellent reason to be offended. However, first things first.

On March 31, Sadokist celebrated his 29th anniversary and, in honor of it, organized a stream playing PUBG. Such broadcasts are a common thing that often generates tons of highlights, and if they are conducted by a person known in cybersports, they always attract a lot of attention. After several successful games, the hero of the news looked more and more “cheerful” and eventually gave out a tirade that became fatal.  Media write about a “volley of racist comments.” Still, we have a video from the stream, and you can be sure that there are precisely insulting words.

sadokist twitter

The most attention was drawn to the last phrase, an approximate translation of which: “I’m the best in eSports, wait until I go 100% you f***g n***r.” The significant contribution to the promotion of the scandal contributed DonHaci, a well-known eSports insider with a very dubious reputation. Such people are called “attention whores”. He made a video and threw it into a live chat room. Later on CS: GO Commentator Sadokist suspended from Twitch after using racist language.

DonHaci add more fuel to the fire, creating a proof video

Still, drunk Sadokist succumbed to a provocation and offered DonHaci to kill himself. This sparked a conflict, and less than a day later several publications such as Unikrn news and PC Gamer had already written, about the “racist-Sadokist.” The discussion also continued in the CS: GO and Subreddit’s site management had to delete the whole debate, referring to that the stream was PUBG, not CS. This step has already received its dose of condemnation from the community, and the owners of Reddit have promised to rewrite the site rules for such cases.

sadokist photo

As for the hero of the news, his channel on Twitch received a ban and CS: GO Commentator Sadokist was actually suspended from Twitch after using racist language. Eternal or temporary is not specified, but the measure, in any case, is unpleasant. Also, Sadokist refused to participate in EPL matches, which he had to comment on and did it of his own free will. He told about it on Facebook, where he published a post of apologies for what he had done. In Matthew’s address, expressions such as “I let down my friends, employers and myself” appear, “My words have no excuses” and “I was angry with a man on video, with his teenage and immature cries in frankly miserable language.”


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