You are on the air: how to stream games on YouTube

This article will be useful to those gamers who want to learn how to stream games on YouTube. First, you need to verify your account. On the main page of your channel, click the “Video Manager” button. Then, in the right side menu select “Channel”, and in the drop-down menu click the line “Status and functions”. In the tab that opens, find “Live Broadcasts” and select “Enable”.

On the page “Confirmation of the account” you need to enter your phone number. You will receive a message with a verification code. You need to enter it in the appropriate field, then click the “Continue” button and accept the terms of use.

You Tube stream

Then you will be redirected to the page for an airing. In the basic settings, you must select the name of the broadcast. For example, “John plays Silent Hill“. Also you will need to fill in such paragraphs as “Description of the broadcast”, “Category”, “Game name”. The “Change icon” button allows you to select the image that will be displayed as the preview of your video.

These are all settings. But to start the broadcast, you will first need to install the OBS program. After the installation is complete, in the OBS window, in the upper menu, click the “Settings” button, then again select the “Settings” paragraph.

YouTube Gaming

Click the “Encoding” tab. If you do not have a very powerful computer, remove the tick from CBR. To fill in the “Maximum bitrate” paragraph, you need to go to the site, click the “Settings” button and in the bottom of the screen, in the “Speed ​​units” box select “kilobits”. Then we return to the test page and click “Start check”. In the column “Transmission speed”, copy the result and paste it into the “Maximum Bitrate”.

Click the “Translation” tab and configure the settings as follows:
Mode: Live
Broadcast service: YouTube
FMS URL: Primary YouTube ingest server
Auto-reconnect: tick
Auto reconnect delay: 10

Also there is the item Play Path / Stream Key. To fill it out, you need to go to your YouTube account on the start page and find the “Video Encoder Setup” paragraph (located at the bottom of the page). Click the “Show” button, copy the key code and paste it into the “Play Path / Stream Key” field. Click Apply. Now your channel is ready to broadcast live.


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