Best stream online games ever

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It is a #1 online stream game, a multiplayer online first-person shooter. It has been more than four years now, but the game remains popular today: various tournaments and competitions gather a multimillion audience from different countries. The main idea of the game is to conduct a counter-terrorist operation in a separate location. The operation involves terrorists and special forces. Terrorists must blow up a bomb, hold hostages or snap special forces, and special forces should not allow terrorists to carry out their plans.

2. League of Legends

The gameplay of LoL is something simpler than DotA and often spectacular due to the fact that you can throw aside the extra micromanagement. The game focuses on the confrontations of two teams, declaring the principle, “Only fights, only hardcore!” For this reason, most new games in the genre MOBA are made in the image and likeness of the “League”, imitators have already been seen: Infinite Crisis, Guardians of Middle-earth and Dawngate. At the heart of each of these games is the experience gained through the experiments of the League of Legends. Authors of LoL openly say that “DotA is in vain overextended”, in contrast to their game.

3. Overwatch

The main thing that should be indicated immediately – it is not MOBA. Absolutely. There is no pumping inside the party, no equipment, only players are fighting, death from one hit in the head is a common thing, and tasks are extremely clear: two teams of six people are trying to capture (or protect) the point or escort (or prevent to accompany) the trolley. The only common thing in the Overwatch with League of Legends, Dota 2 and others, are heroes. They are conventionally divided into four classes (storm troopers, defenders, “tanks” and support fighters), and each set of cool pieces that they can do from time to time.

 4. Dota 2

dota steam game

It is one of the greatest multiplayer stream games online in the real-time strategy genre with elements of a role-playing game. It is the continuation of the world-famous DotA (“Defense of the Ancients”) for the game Warcraft III. The game is so popular that in the gaming industry a new genre has appeared – action-RTS, with a lot of “clones”, both successful and not.

The game process is a competition between two teams, consisting of three or five people. One team is the Light Side, the other is the Dark Side. Each side has its own set of heroes.

5. FIFA 18

Graphically FIFA 18 on PS4 looks excellent: football players and coaches are already so similar to real people that it is quite easy to mix up the game with the broadcast of a football match. The stands really look like in life, stadiums, weather effects, the ball and the lawn – everything looks great. Particularly nice looks the game on the PS4 PRO in 4K, there is just nothing to complain about: everything is literally at the highest level.

FIFA 2018 steam


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