Plunge into God of War PS4: immersive mode is the best way to play the game

In simple terms, immersive mode removes from the screen HUD – all those icons, maps and other symbolic images layered on virtual reality, giving the player a wide variety of information. At first glance it may seem a bit confusing – as if you are thrown into the action without any hints and visuals that separate you from the game.

It is pretty easy to switch to immersive mode in God of War. To do this, go to the game menu, find the option to choose between Normal and Immersive modes and select the latter. As a result, most of the icons, pop-ups and other additional information will be blocked.

God of war

What are the advantages of the immersive mode? The most obvious – the game God of War is incredibly beautiful. If you remove information icons, you will be able to perceive more fully all the splendor of graphics, picturesque environment, nice characters, motion and, of course, special effects.

In addition, many distractions will disappear. This will allow you to carefully study the environment. You will be able to notice important details. In particular, you will find collectible artifacts more easily. You will not miss an alternative way or a variety of other important opportunities.

Perhaps most important in immersive mode is the ability to fight more effectively. It is considered normal to observe the points of health and other indicators while playing. But, when you are distracted by them, you become less focused on the fight as such.

In the immersive mode, you can concentrate on the main things and do not miss anything important, be it an enemy hit or a valuable artifact. In the end, you will gain concentration and confidence, without which it is difficult to win.

Immersive mode is definitely good for God of War. But do not rush to use it if you are new to this game. You need to prepare for it. On your first walkthrough, at least at the very beginning, the HUD should work in normal mode. This is necessary for you to understand the mechanics of the battles, get used to the game and get some experience. But when you reach Lake of Nine, you are likely to be ready for an immersive mode. Immerse yourself in a game like never before.


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