Top 5 best new game trailers of 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Studio Warhorse released one of the most ambitious works of recent years, an old immersive sim thought from historical to everyday trivia. Thanks to experts, it was possible to recreate the Kingdom of Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) at the beginning of the XV century: castles, hunting grounds, coal-burning and logging camps, and even leather workshops, where peasants work on skins in tubs with urine. On the other hand, Kingdom Come takes on the player a bunch of everyday, not to say physiological concerns. Such craving for realism always causes scepticism among the public, so it is time to find out whether the authors succeeded in achieving their goal, or their ambitions remained an advertisement on Kickstarter. The game has one of the most attractive new game trailers of 2018.



It is still the same first-person shooter and has a most powerful new game trailer. It even has an open world, stealth, a considerable amount of weapons, as well as the ability to improve the attributes and overall abilities of your character. The option of capturing camps will also be available; it will be necessary to pay attention to hunting and the production of goods. In a word, the new part has not overtaken any changes at all and is a classic continuation of the previous series.

Red Dead Redemption 2

red dead redemption

The plot of Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in the Wild West at the end of the XIX century. Apparently, the new game is a prequel to the first part, as in the second trailer the authors showed the young Dutchman. Also, fans of the original in one of the frames noticed Bill Williamson. It is also possible that John Marston will appear in the sequel, although this has not been confirmed yet.


Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a new game in the genre of “interactive cinema” from the developers, who gave the world Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, the studio Quantic Dream, which is headed by David Cage. Detroit: Become Human is based on the KARA techno-demo, which was demonstrated in 2012. Many people were deeply touched by this story, and they were interested in the further fate of the heroine. The game will tell about the near future, in which humanoid androids can talk, move and look like real people. And the central theme of Detroit is the relationships of these same androids with people.


Spider-Man (2018)

Spider-Man is an action-packed third-person action game, in which players will become Spider-Man and deal with crime in the streets of New York. In the game, we are waiting for an original story, not based on any comic book or movie. The combat system of the game is similar to the Batman: Arkham and the Spider can use the environment during the battles.


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