Latest game trailers.


Ashen is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game. The action takes place in a rather gloomy world, where the sun never shines. The only source of light is constantly erupting volcanoes. The air is saturated with smoke and ash. In addition, this world is densely populated by monsters of disgusting appearance. The protagonist is trying to find a place that he could call his home. The survival process in a hostile environment is the basis of the gameplay.


picture Extinction

The world is in danger. A horde of evil goblins thirsts to wipe the human race out. Only you are able to resist them. Use the remarkable skills of a fearless fighter to end the plans of monsters, once and for all. You will face different enemies, fighting with them will require a certain tactics and skills. The choice of strategy will be determined by the kind of armor which the monster uses. Each chosen option will have its own weak and strong sides.

 A Plague Tale: Innocence

The main characters of this survival game are brother and sister Hugo and Amicia. The action takes place in 1349, during the epidemic of plague in Paris. Their parents were executed by the Inquisition, and now they themselves are in danger. Amicia and Hugo will have to unite with other orphans to survive. The whole gameplay is based on the correct interaction with others. Among other latest game trailers this one is the most intriguing.

Star Citizen

picture Star Citizen

Mankind is exploring the far space. In the process of exploration of new regions, other civilizations are met. With some of them people manage to establish trade and diplomatic relations. Other appear to be quite hostile. The player can choose one of the roles: a trader, a pirate, a mercenary or an adventurer. Each character has the specified features and have the ability to develop his skills.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a role-playing game in the open world with a fascinating plot and nice characters. The action takes place Bohemia in the 14th century. You are a simple son of a blacksmith. Your village is burned by the mercenaries of King Sigismund. You are one of the few survivors. Together with other characters, you have to resist the king, take revenge on him and become a hero.


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