5 best video game trailers of 2018

Last year cheered us with an abundance of awesome games and 2018 is expected to follow this great trend. Gamers are already waiting for some exceptional sequels and completely new titles in next 12 months. And while you are waiting, why not to watch the TOP 5 most beautiful video game trailers for upcoming games?

Beyond Good & Evil 2

At E3 2017 Ubisoft surprised everyone with a long-desired sequel to 2005 game Beyond Good & Evil. It delivered a funky cinematic trailer full of “monkey business” and cursing. In this RPG you will play as a space pirate that travels between planets. BG&E2 expected to be a fun world of human-animal hybrids that can beat Destiny 2. Unfortunately, we do not know the launch dates and supported platforms yet.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel tries to drain dry all from an acquisition of Spider-Man. So fans of the series will not only have more movies but new games to play. The trailer shown at Sony’s E3 press conference dazes with its crisp image of the New York City. But Spider-Man still takes down his enemies in a same good old fashioned way without killing anyone. Marvel’s Spider-Man will be available on PlayStation 4 only.

God of War

The new trailer of God of War tells us more story details about Kratos and his son. Presumably, they need to fulfill wife’s dying wish and get her ashes to the other realm. Along the way, Kratos teaches his son some life lessons. Another question is how he will tell his “boy” about their celestial heritage. We do not need to wait long to unveil the story by ourselves. Sony confirmed the release date in April 2018.

The Last of Us Part II

picture The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog has revealed a trailer for The last of Us 2. After watching it, you will feel that the dark story of Joel and Ellie becomes much darker. The main characters have not been shown and we do not know how trailer fits into the main story. Fan theories about Joel’s death were debunked after the release of the second trailer.  The only thing is clear, a survival in fungi-infected zombie world of The last of Us will become much harder.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is announced to be released on March 27 and fans of series are hyped-up about it. Ubisoft continues to stir up this interest with new information. While the single-player trailer is watched a zillion times, a co-op gameplay video is also outstanding. Turtle’s “Happy Together” is the perfect soundtrack for this trailer. Indeed, it looks fun to blow things up and kill religious fanatics together with friends on a vast map of “Hope County” in Montana.


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