Best Action Games 2017 to Show the Current State of the Gaming Industry

While each gaming genre caters for its own audience and is of interest for its peculiarities, we focused on action games or, to be more precise, first-person actions. When making up a list of best action games of 2017 we tried to include the most prominent representatives of the genre highly ranked by many gaming journalists and editions.

Are You a Prey or a Hunter?

With its sci-fi settings and explorable environment, interesting narration and plot, the most promising part of this first-person shooter, developed by the renowned Arkane Studios, is its gameplay. “Transforming” is probably the most appropriate word to describe the Prey gameplay and the way your character and numerous enemies interact with objects within the game. Use special abilities to imitate nearly everything you like to sneak past your enemies, survive and adapt yourself as you push through the Talos-1 space station and its highly interactive interiors using a vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets. While being not the most astonishing in terms of visuals in 2017 this RPG/action game, however, manages to keep the visuals bar at an acceptable level and delivers quite decent and consistent visual experience.

The Colossus Rises in Wolfenstein 2

The Colossus Rises in Wolfenstein 2

Contrary to the previously reviewed title, the Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus offers its players no specific innovations or tries to lure them with any promises of groundbreaking gaming experience. Instead of this, guys from MachineGames took the time-tested formula of an old-school shoot ’em all action and meticulously implemented in this title. The game has no sci-fi elements, except for the game events being set in alternate history in 1961, when the Nazis are taking over the USA, and a couple of futuristic weapons, mechanisms, and suits, which rather serve as setting for the main action line. However, it is the dedication and artful combination of many game elements by the developers that make wiping out the Nazi threat by hands of William J Blazkowicz so fantastic. Team up with the members of the Resistance, grab your guns and bring mayhem to your enemies, as well as the highly destructible environment in this sequel to the Wolfenstein franchise most successful reboot that boasts revamped visuals and polished shooter mechanics.

Does Resident Evil 7 Abide by the Rules of Horror Games?

Resident Evil 7

While some games like the Prey may cause an anxious feeling or even result in gamers’ developing some sort of paranoia when played, the Resident Evil games straightforwardly aimed to scare you. Well, at least the first ones as at some point the franchise started to be accused of dropping horror for the action. The most recent installment in the series, Resident Evil 7, poised to remedy this situation and get back to its roots. While an expected turn from so familiar third-person game to a horror rendered in a first-person view was not taken enthusiastically by many die-hard fans of the series, there seems to be a small doubt that this game delivers a top-class horror experience with a scary atmosphere, balanced gameplay and plot twists that you will remember for a long time.


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