How to save GTA 5: easy ways

Each part of the Grand Theft Auto introduced a number of innovations:

  • In GTA 3, developers moved to a 3D image.
  • In Vice City, the protagonist is able to talk and use a mobile phone.
  • San Andreas had a huge and “live” world with a lot of opportunities.
  • GTA IV has realistic physics and elaborated animation effects.

GTA V was not an exception. In addition to excellent graphics and optimization, the game also received a number of innovations. For example, now you can play one of the three main characters, there is a whole “pile” of new transport and finally the game introduces animals. In addition, the developers have added the ability to save the game without a classic visiting home. So, let’s consider how to save GTA 5 in various ways.

GTA 5 grand theft auto

 How to save GTA 5 game on your mobile phone

As you know, each protagonist in the fifth part of GTA has a smartphone with a certain OS. Franklin has a phone on Android, Michael has an iOS, and Trevor chose Windows. Despite all the differences, the developers have made smartphones as similar as possible, so that players can easily use them.

To save the game GTA 5 on the phone:

  1. Get the smartphone.
  2. On the PC, press the “up arrow” or the mouse wheel.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One – cross up.

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 – the button up.

  1. When the character reaches the phone, select the cloud icon, which will be called “Save”.
  2. After clicking on the icon, a saving window will appear. Here you can choose the slot, in which the game will be saved. The maximum number of slots is 15.
  3. Confirm your intentions.GTA 5 trevor

How to save GTA 5 in the standard way

The developers did not forget about the typical way of saving in GTA 5. After all, many players are used to keep progress in the houses bought. To use this method, you need to get to your home to start. Mini-map will help you find the property, where the house is depicted with the appropriate icon.

Entering the house, you should go to your bedroom (or another room where there is a bed) and stand next to the bed. In the upper left corner of the screen there will be a message where the button for saving in GTA 5 will be indicated. By clicking it, a window will appear in which it is required to select a slot and confirm the desired one.

GTA 5 savings preserved on the PC

  • License

If you own a licensed version of GTA 5, then your save files are here:

C:\Users\Your username\My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles \folder (the name consists of 8 characters).

  • Pirated version

If you own a pirated version of GTA 5 with a tablet from 3dm, then your save files most likely lie along the path:

C:\ProgramData\Socialclub\Player\624372(numbers may vary)


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