Try out new Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trainer

The console for Witcher 3 is intended exclusively for developers, who used it to test the game. Of course, such a tool should not be available in the standard version of the game, so you cannot call a console without additional mods. Fortunately, the craftsmen managed to “crack” The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Now anyone can enter cheats to Witcher 3 trainer, with which you can get absolutely any subject. You can completely concentrate on the walkthrough and do not spend tens of hours on pumping Geralt of Rivia.

To call the console in game Witcher 3 trainer, you need to install a special mod. You can download it from any web found in Google search. Detailed installation of the mod is described on the download page.

After you have installed the Debug Console Enabler, enter the game and press F2 or ~ (tilde). With the F1 key, you can enable free camera mode, which is great for creating videos or screenshots.

witcher 3 hunt

F2 will call the console, into which you need to enter commands, activation occurs after you press Enter. Remember that the codes in Witcher 3 are like the console commands.

Managing the main character:

  • god – become invulnerable
  • healme – restore the witcher’s health
  • Ciri – pass the main story behind Ciri
  • Geralt – return to Geralt or go through Ciri’s tasks as a witcher

Characteristics management:

  • setlevel () – in brackets indicate the level that the main character will receive
  • levelup – increase the level by 1
  • addexp () – in parentheses you must specify the amount of experience that the character will receive
  • learnskill () – allows you to instantly learn any skill; the list of abilities will be laid out in a separate article
  • Cat (1) – turn night vision on
  • Cat (0) – disable night vision
  • setbeard (1) – beard of maximum length
  • setbeard (0) – a small beard
  • shave – completely removes the face fungus
  • seatattoo (1) – transfer the tattoo from the Witcher 2
  • seatattoo (0) – remove the tattoo from the Witcher 2

witcher 3

Inventory management:

  • additem (name, #) – get any item. First enter the name, and then the number. List of available things will be laid out in a separate article
  • addmoney () – in parentheses, enter the amount of money Geralt will receive
  • removemoney () – remove any amount of money


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