Best new games for PC: top 4

Ash of Gods: Redemption

Events of the Ash of Gods occur in ancient times. This is a turn-based strategy in which heroes have to confront certain villains, who are called reapers in the game. You will need to constantly improve your tactics to increase your chances of winning. To act effectively, learn the skills and capabilities of fighters you control. The game received mostly positive reviews from critics. In addition to the well-thought-out gameplay, reviewers celebrate great design and graphics. The aesthetics of the game is simultaneously close to the animation in fantasy style and the minimalism of Soviet cartoons. Sounds intriguing.

Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall

This is another great strategy, which recently appeared on Steam. As the name of the game hints, it is saturated with nostalgia for the recent past. In the game, you will lead one of the three countries of the communist camp: Romania, GDR or Bulgaria. Your task is to minimize the negative consequences of the coming collapse. To do this, you will need to decide whether to stick to the old values ​​further or to reform the country in accordance with the new ones. It will depend on you whether your country will be closer to its western neighbors or whether it will continue the policy of isolation. This game is a good way to rewrite history in your own way.

The Mage’s Tale

This is a first person role-playing computer game with elements of horror. If you like exploring dark dungeons filled with monsters and all sorts of dangers, this game is for you. According to the plot, your master was imprisoned for one ill-intentioned wizard. Only you can save him. If you succeed, you will become a disciple of the prisoner. But the task is not easy. You have to go through ten dungeons. In each of the dungeons, you will be in mortal danger. In addition to all kinds of monsters, you will need to solve puzzles and avoid traps. If you succeed, you will not only save an innocent person, but you can also get wisdom and magical abilities from him.


This is a very beautiful and unusual platformer, in which you are not jumping over existing platforms, but generate platforms under your feet. The rest is the same: you need to go through several levels of complexity, showing dexterity and perseverance. The game is decorated in a retro style, with neon graphics and minimalistic shapes.


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