Meet PUBG Mobile on PC


New life of PUBG Mobile

Now you can play PUBG Mobile on your computer, taking advantage of the convenient mouse and keyboard. The developers introduced an official emulator, which can be used by any gamer who wants to fight on the big screen. Previously, this possibility was provided only by third-party emulators.

When you start the game, a separate window appears. To the right of this window you can see the icons showing which keys on the keyboard correspond to certain actions in the game. Also on the right you will find all the settings, including graphical ones.


What is PUBG?

Abbreviation PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a known fact. But do you know why the game has such a name? The point is that it was created by a developer working under the alias PlayerUnknown.

Now this game is one of the most popular in the genre of multiplayer action. Up to hundred of players can take part in it at the same time. According to the plot of the game, all the characters involved in it are on an island in the middle of the ocean. On this island, they must find different weapons and equipment that they need for the main purpose of the game. The goal is simple: to destroy other characters and protect your life.



Main Features of the Game

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you have a choice: to fight alone or as part of a team of two or four people. In any case, in the beginning of the game, the hero flies on the plane. During the flight over the island, he needs to choose the moment and jump with a parachute. The flight path is always different, the players must decide in time when to jump. It is important to choose right time – it will effect on how successful the beginning of the game will be.

Characters in PUBG Mobile get to the island without any equipment and weapons. Therefore, immediately after landing, they must quickly investigate the surrounding area and find everything necessary for attack and defense, as well as all sorts of medicines and other useful items. In the future, weapons can be taken from the dead characters.

With the passage of time, the safe zone of the island becomes smaller, which makes it harder to survive, and the fighting becomes more intense.

The player or team of players that remains the last survivor in the game is considered the winner.

playerunknowns-battlegrounds-hand-to-hand fight


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