Massive multiplayer online browser games

Gods of Time

Gods of Time is a role-playing game in which participants compete with each other, receiving as a reward clothing, experience and, most importantly, experience. The transition to new levels depends on the experience of the player. After passaging of quests players receive various items, which can then be sold at auction, also they can be used to increase the number of points. Players can group up to 4 people to fight together.Gods of Time

Heroes of Gaia

In this fantasy strategy you can play as a representative of one of the races. Besides people, the fairy-tale world is inhabited by long-eared elves, vicious orcs, and gloomy undead. Each of the races has its own special skills that you can use during the game. After choosing the character, the player undergoes a short training, which will help him navigate the game world. Players construct buildings, acquire skills, learn magic spells, increase resources, and also protect the castle of their race from enemies.Heroes of Gaia

Urban Dead

This is another role-playing game in the genre massive multiplayer online browser games. At the heart of the gameplay of this horror is the confrontation between zombies and survivors. The zombie’s task is to penetrate into the protected premises and, of course, tear people apart. The task of people, respectively, to avoid such a fate. In abandoned houses, you can often find useful items that can help people in an unequal battle. Urban Dead


OGame is an economic game in the genre of massive multiplayer online browser games. It is quite popular: more than two million people around the world play it. Its action takes place in space. Players are engaged in erection of buildings, scientific activities and various missions that start from one of the planets, or from the lunar base. One of the most important tasks is the extraction of resources.

Armored Warfare

The action of this free shooter takes place in the future, more precisely in 2030. The political and economic crisis has led to the situation when private companies, which are engaged in the production of weapons, entered into serious conflict. You have to play the role of mercenary hired by one of these companies and take part in the battles between the militarists. A variety of military vehicles will help you in this task.


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