Top 3 best tank simulator games of 2018

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online computer game, as well as the best tank simulator game now. At the moment, this game takes the top spots in the gaming community among many online games from around the world, both in popularity (millions of customers around the world) and performance quality (positive feedback from users and numerous awards in contests). “World of Tanks”, allows players from all over the world to participate in exciting online battles against each other, and shoulder to shoulder in the clans against enemy clans.

WOT has a huge selection of tank equipment of the mid-20th century: from all-known USSR tanks, such as the T-34-85 and IS, as well as the German “TIGER”; to little-known Japanese tanks. The game has a lot of innovations and is the engine of the game industry across the planet. This is the multiplayer game, in which many genres are combined. You can engage in skirmishes with enemy tanks in the sniper mode of the game or fire from a third person and be focused on the mini map, so as not to miss the enemy unnoticed in the rear of your tank (as in the strategy).

Armored Warfare

 Armored Warfare

This tank simulator game has two modes: PvP mode and PvE mode. As for the second, unfortunately, no separate maps have been developed yet. For this reason, the actions are carried out on the same number of maps inherent in the first regime. A full-fledged rival is also not thought out, and the players will be forced to fight with bots in the course of carrying out individual operations around the world. Each mission has a specific task: in one place – to carry out the destruction of the object, in the other – to capture the item. In one PvE mode battle, no more than six tanks can participate at a time, while they have much more rivals.

War Thunder

War Thunder

Despite the fact that many tanks look like a real mobile fortress, they can be quite fragile, if an armor-piercing shell gets in. Without tactical thinking, there is no way to win the round alone, almost impossible. If you do not coordinate your actions with teammates in time, then expect trouble. Again, different tanks have different roles. Some provide artillery support, some has to distract the enemy in every way, and some will have to deal with the enemy. In these conditions, even arcade battles will become hard. The tanks do not yet have their own story campaign for honing the skill, but it is a matter of time. In the meantime, this hard work is mastered only by the most steadfast and brave.


    • Nope. Tank simulations you can fire all the weapons. Change crew locations etc. The above games are not simulators. Think Il-2 Sturmovik vs War Thunder.


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