The Ultimate Dread: Top 4 Horror Adventure Games


We will begin our review of horror adventure games with Scratches, a game with an exciting atmosphere and a truly horrible storyline. This is just the case when the fear in the game comes not so much from monsters as from the intense expectation of something terrible and oppressively unknown. The main character is a writer, who acquires a gloomy abandoned estate in the wilderness. He hopes that the mysterious atmosphere of this place will help him find inspiration and finish the novel. As you understand, he will not have possibility to work peacefully.



This graphic quest is a genuine classic. The protagonist loses his memory after a serious accident and is placed in a mental hospital. The atmosphere of the game is imbued with fear and decline. The protagonist wanders through the dreary hospital halls, solves numerous riddles and tries to remember who he is and why he got here. Each situation in which the character turns out to be is deeply symbolic and reflects one of the facets of his personality. The action is not limited to the walls of the hospital. Some places where the hero gets to are parts of his memories. The game has a deep philosophical and psychological meaning.

Dark Fall: Lost Souls

Unlike other well-known horror adventure games, Dark Fall was created and released by one person, a gamer-enthusiast Jonathan Boakes. The action takes place in a dilapidated hotel near the railway station. The main character comes there at the request of his brother. He rents a room there and soon finds out that his brother disappeared, as well as many guests. There is not a single living person in the hotel; he meets only mysterious dark entities that capture the souls of people. The protagonist has to find out what is happening. The game is addictive and can frighten even experienced gamers.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia The Dark Descent

The game begins with the awakening of the main character. He finds himself in an ancient castle and understands that he remembers nothing from his past. He finds a note he wrote to himself. The note says that the character drank a potion that erases memory in order to get rid of terrible memories. The note also contains a request to descend into the cellars of the castle and kill the antagonist.


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